FCS II Carver: Powerful drawn out turns

by Chris D | Mar 31, 2014
FCS is proud to announce the release of the FCS II Carver fin, an elongated fin for performing long arc turns.  Designed for power surfers who like to push hard against their fins and draw out their turns.

Our team riders have given FCS II their personal tick of approval, which is validation from the best surfers on the planet.

SIZES: Small (55-70 Kg),  Medium (65-80 Kg),  Large (75-90 Kg)

MATERIALS: Performance Core Carbon (PCC), Performance Core (PC), Glass Flex (GF)

How does the Essential Series range work?

The Essential Series fin range consists of 4 thuster templates and 3 quad templates, all of which are available in different sizes and constructions. Each template has been named to reflect the type of performance it delivers. Essentially a surfer chooses a fin template based on the waves they’re surfing and the performance they desire, then they choose the correct size fin for their weight, it’s that simple!

So, it’s now possible to go ‘Around the World with 4 Fins’, and be perfectly equipped to surf any type of wave.

REACTOR: Fast reacting fin with an upright template for surfers who like performing tight radius turns in the pocket.

PERFORMER: Versatile template designed for surfers who like to strike a balance between speed and manoeuvrability with flow between turns.

ACCELERATOR: Functional template with flat foil on the side fins designed for surfers who like to attack the wave and surf with energy & power.

CARVER: Elongated fin designed for power surfers who like to push hard against their fins, draw out their turns, and carve on the open face.

FCS II Essential Series Fins




    Jeremy Flores

    Jeremy Flores

    Name: Jeremy Flores
    Date of Birth: April 27, 1988
    Born: Reunion Island
    Lives: New Caledonia and Capbreton
    Sponsors: Quiksilver wetsuits clothing and surfboards, Orange mobile, Moskova underwear and FCS Fins.