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Take Your Surfing To New Places: India

by Chris D | Mar 05, 2013

Join us for this 3 part web series where Chippa Wilson travels with film maker Russell Brownley & FCS photographer Josh Secomb to visit exotic Indian surf spots including Mangalore, Murudeshwara, and Kerala.

“Originally it was going to be a road trip to Forster. Then it was pointed out that a road trip to Forster is not that new. And so here they are, smelling India, looking for waves, expecting the unexpected.” -Waves Magazine

The full series, including exclusive 'Behind The Scenes' can be found on the FCS YouTube Channel

About Chippa:
Hailing from Cabarita Beach, Australia, 24-year-old Chippa Wilson blindsided the surf community three years ago through a series of web edits which propelled him from swinging a hammer for his dad to becoming one of the most awe-inspiring aerial surfers of his generation. Racking up the accolades in no time, Chippa has continued to blow the minds of his peers and fans by innovating and landing tricks, like his signature Big Spin, which had never been landed before. With a skate influenced style all his own, Chippa continues to redefine the progression of his sport. Chippa Wilson Profile




    Filipe Toledo

    Filipe Toledo

    Name: Filipe Toledo
    Date of Birth: 4.16.95
    Born: Ubatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Lives: California