FCS-II & FCS Origin Fin Systems

by Chris D | Jun 05, 2013


Will my original FCS (dual tab) fins work with the new FCS II system?

Yes the new FCS II system is backward compatible. Adding two grub screws to each FCS II plug allows you to secure your original dual tab fins in place. FCS has also designed small, unobtrusive silicone inserts to fill the void between the leading edge of the original dual tab fins and the front of the FCS II plugs. The inserts are extremely durable, lightweight, and are designed to replicate the flush leading edge of the new FCS II fins. Made from high quality silicone rubber, they will withstand extreme conditions, while ensuring the integrity of the plug and fins. 

Will the FCS II mechanism keep working over time?

The mechanism inside the FCS II plug will continue to work no matter how many times you change your fins. This simple, but well refined mechanism is constructed from superior materials ensuring operational longevity. FCS has completed repetition testing (installing and removing a fin from the system) with no loss of retention force after 4,000 cycles. Under normal conditions, the FCS II system will outlast the life of the board.

Will sun and salt water corrode the FCS II mechanism, and what if sand enters the plug, will it jam?

The FCS II mechanism has been designed to operate in a highly corrosive environment. If sand enters the plug it will be flushed out through the open slot cavities. All materials used to construct the FCS II plug have been selected for their anti-corrosion properties; including the titanium rod which is an inert material (will not rust).

Will fins eject out of the system unintentionally when surfing?

The barrel locking system inside the FCS II plug has a high retention force (around 12kg/26Ibs). Fins cannot be removed from the system due to impact force from the front or side of the fin (i.e. the direction of forces applied during surfing). A fin can only be removed from the plug by applying an upwards force to the rear of the fin.