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Looking after our environment

by Chris D | Jun 05, 2013

Environmental Poilcy

The Surfhardware International (SHI) Environmental Policy states SHI’s intentions, commitment and principles in the area of environmental management.

In order to achieve excellence in our commitment, our policy is broken up into six key areas which underpin the promise SHI has made to ensure the longevity of the surf industry, our ocean and our planet.

Creating objectives, targets and programs with respect to product design & sustainable sourcing, carbon management and the use of ethical supply chains, we seek continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

Environment, Health and Safety 
SHI is committed to environmental sustainability practices. Adopting a cradle to cradle philosophy, we understand that to reduce our impact on the planet and it’s people, we need to take a holistic approach when designing our products and services and we therefore seek to excel in the following areas:

- Identifying the product need and selecting environmentally sound materials & manufacturing techniques. 
- Identifying ethical supply chains for shipping product around the world. 
- Identifying how the product is used and disposed of. 
- Evaluating how we treat our staff and customers and their individual needs.

Green Ambassadors 
SHI is committed to educating both internal and external stakeholders. Acting with honestly and humility, SHI forms strategies that are inclusive and pay respect to our surf industry partners. Creating awareness of environmental issues and solutions is an integral part of our core values at SHI. We believe education is a two way process and along with training, we constantly seek feedback on our environmental procedures and goals.

Product Design  
SHI is forever committed to the ongoing delivery of surf hardware products to surfers around the globe. We recognise that it’s our responsibility to take accountability for the products we deliver to the market. We are committed to act with diligence and respect when designing our products, and will always seek to use cleaner manufacturing processes and alternative materials which have the least amount of impact on our natural resources whist delivering functional, durable products. We are committed to designing our products for efficient distribution and to minimise any excessive packaging materials.

SHI is committed to selecting manufactures and suppliers that conduct their business with respect to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We work closely with our suppliers to develop strategies that are mutually beneficial and pay respect to the triple bottom line.

Purchasing & Distribution
SHI is committed to reducing our carbon footprint through innovative logistics solutions. We strive to use cleaner means of transportation and more efficient ways to get our products from our manufactures to our customers. By looking for synergies in our supply chain we are committed to delivering the correct product, on time, to all stakeholders.

Recycling & waste management 
It’s not only about selecting recycled or recyclable materials, it also about providing a platform for our customers to easily contribute in an environmentally sustainable way! Using a holistic approach to design and development we are committed to providing the right information to the market so we can control the life cycle of our products.




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    Filipe Toledo

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