Mick maintains the FCS II momentum

by Chris D | Oct 08, 2013

Mick Fanning’s recent victory at the Quiksilver Pro has continued the success and momentum of the new FCS II system. Both finalists, Fanning and Medina, were running the new system, in fact, 6 of the top eight surfers from the event had FCS II installed in their boards.

The Quiksilver Pro marks the third consecutive World Championship Tour win for the new system that has only been in the market for a period of months. Mick’s recent win follows premier performances from Taj Burrow at the Hurley Pro at Trestles and Sally Fitzgibbons at the Roxy Pro in France.

Avid Fanning fans may have noticed a new look fin in his boards. These fins were samples of Mick’s new signature MF Large FCS II set that is due to hit the market in 2014. The new fin has the same template and geometry as the current MF-1, with the updated model taking on a more simplistic aesthetic.

“The new fins felt great, as did the system. I tend to stick to the one template and adjust my surfing to suit the waves. My equipment is spot on at the moment, my quiver feels amazing, and I’m convinced the new system is delivering better response from my boards”.

Medina looked threatening in the lead up to the final heat, and as expected tried to gain the advantage using his amazing aerial repertoire. The Performer template, which is part of the new FCS II Essential Series fin range, was again Gabriel’s preferred fin for the event.

Kai Otton and Filipe Toledo were impressive through the week finishing fifth and third respectively, as was the ever popular Julian Wilson who also finished with an equal fifth. While Kai and Filipe selected their fins from the Essential Series, choosing the medium size Carver and Performer templates, Jules was again riding prototypes of the new JW Large.

FCS II is fast becoming the new world standard fin system, and the preferred choice for the world’s best surfers. And with Mick now at the top of the World Championship Tour ratings it’s highly possible the new FCS II system will claim a World Title in only the first year of circulation.