Gabrial Medina Wins World Title Riding FCS II

by Chris D | Nov 17, 2013
FCS is thrilled to announce another significant milestone for the newly released FCS II fin system. In its inaugural year in circulation FCS II has claimed its first ASP World Title following Gabriel Medina’s victory at the HD World Junior Championships held at Joaquina Beach in Florianopolis, Brazil.

Gab’s was in devastating form from his opening heat and took to the airways on multiple occasions, landing huge backside rotations and riffling off multiple front-side hacks. His fin of choice was the Performer PC Large template, which is one of four templates from the FCS II Essential Series fin range.

The Performer, which has a hydrodynamic inside foil (IFT) on the side fins, is a versatile template designed to suit a diverse range of surfers who want to strike a balance between speed and manoeuvrability with flow between turns. Derived from the original PC-5 template, the Performer can be used in a variety of conditions and board types.

FCS II Performer Fin Gabriele Medina

An elated Gabriel offered this comment after the celebrations had subsided. “I’m so happy to win the World Junior Title, and it’s really special to win it here in Brazil. The waves were really fun and my boards felt amazing. We had lefts and rights, steep sections for airs and some long walls to do lots of turns. The Performer worked perfectly in these conditions, and the PC version has a little more flex in the tip which I like”.

Gabriel’s title follows a successful run of four consecutive WCT victories by surfers riding the new system.  As the ASP season draws to a close, and with the remaining contenders riding the new system, its highly probable FCS II will claim two world titles in the same year it was released.