Filipe Flies High Over US Open

by Chris D | Aug 08, 2014
Filipe Toledo has emerged victorious in one of the most prestigious surfing events on the planet, the ASP 6 Star US Open held at Huntington Beach, California. Riding the FCS II Performer PCC medium fin template, Filipe took to the airways to defeat fellow Brazilian Willian Cardoso in the peaky beach breaks. 

Huntington Beach dished up its usual menu of waist to shoulder high peaks which called for explosive moves on the outside section, with the potential for another move on the inside close out. 

Nobody had the place dialled better than Filipe who stayed light and agile on his feet, and executed some of the fastest air rotations seen in competition. “I just love surfing here, the waves really let me highlight my air game”. Said Filipe after the final. 

When asked about his equipment Filipe went on to say, “Even though the waves were small you still had to work hard to generate speed so you’re always pushing against your fins. That’s why I chose the Performer template in the stiffer PCC material”.

FCS II Essentials Series Fins

In contrast to Filipe’s lightning fast approach, event runner up Willian Cardoso muscled his way to the final with precision power surfing riding the FCS II Carver PCC template. 

In the Women’s WCT event Tyler Wright triumphed over a worthy opponent in Stephanie Gilmore riding the FCS II MF Large template. Steph, mush like Cardoso, rode the Carver template, but opted for the PC construction which has a little more flex compared to the carbon version.

Since being release into the market, 12 ASP World Championship Tour events, and two ASP World Titles have been won by surfers riding the FCS II system and fins.