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Wilson Signs 100% FCS Hardware Deal

by Chris D | Apr 01, 2015
FCS is excited to announce the signing of 2014 Pipe Master and Triple Crown champion Julian Wilson to a 100% hardware deal with FCS.

In recent years Julian has been contracted to ride the FCS system and fins, and after a period of testing felt confident to commit to the full hardware offering under the FCS banner.

“I’ve been working closely with FCS on my fins and the dynamic works well, so it felt right to align with one brand for all my hardware needs”, said Julian after making the deal official.

Julian will have a new signature FCS traction pad hitting the market in 2015. He recently signed off on his FCS pad, and having outgrown his current signature fin, is currently fine-tuning a larger fin template better suited to his stronger frame.

“I’m very particular about my equipment so it’s great having the confidence and trust I’ve built in FCS to get the best products that I need to compete at the highest level”.

The new FCS traction range is set to hit the southern hemisphere market in September 2015, and later in March 2016 in the northern hemisphere. 

The range is separated into two categories; the Athlete Series that has surfer specific features, and the Essential Series, which features 3 iconic templates that will accommodate a variety of tail shapes.


  • FCS II Julian Wilson Athlete Fin

    The new FCS II JW signature fin is designed with speed, control and projection in mind. Now available in Grom, Medium and Large sizes. Watch Video:

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  • Julian Wilson Wins Tahiti

    In a total contrast of styles, FCS Global Team riders Gabriel Medina and Julian Wilson went head to head in the final of the Billabong Pro, Tahiti, with Jules scoring the win courtesy of some backhand wizardry.

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  • FCS And Julian Wilson Go Pink For Charity

    FCS have partnered with Julian Wilson in releasing a limited edition set of “pink” fins and traction. These have been produced to help support JW in raising awareness for breast cancer.

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  • J-Bay Open - What Where They Riding?

    It’s no surprise the FCS II MF, Carver and AM templates were the most popular fins used by the WSL competitors at the J-Bay open this year. What do all these templates all have in common?

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  • Julian Wilson's Athlete Series Traction

    Designed and tested in collaboration with the world’s best surfers, the FCS Athlete Series Traction range has rider specific features for the ultimate in performance.

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  • FCS JW-1

    The FCS JW-1 is ideal for fast, radical surfing in punchy beach break conditions. Offering quick tail release due to the smaller centre fin, the FCS JW-1 is also great for performing airs, with an emphasis on rotation.

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  • Around the World with 4 Fins

    With FSC II now it's possible to go ‘Around the World with 4 Fins’, and be perfectly equipped to surf any type of wave. WATCH VIDEO

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  • FCS II JW - Julian Wilson's Signature Fin

    Designed in collaboration with ASP Tour Competitor Julian Wilson, the FCS II JW template is available in Medium and Grom sizes, and is ideal for fast, radical surfing in punchy beach break conditions.

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  • FCS II The New Undisputed World Standard Fin System

    FCS II was released back in March 2013, and since hitting the market has quickly become the new undisputed world standard fin system. The statistics speak for themselves, and to date no other fin system can lay claim to a single World Title.

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    Jeremy Flores

    Jeremy Flores

    Name: Jeremy Flores
    Date of Birth: April 27, 1988
    Born: Reunion Island
    Lives: New Caledonia and Capbreton
    Sponsors: Quiksilver wetsuits clothing and surfboards, Orange mobile, Moskova underwear and FCS Fins.