J-Bay Open - What Where They Riding?

by Chris D | Jul 22, 2015
Despite the utter madness that went down in the final of the J-Bay Open, the fact still remains up to that point the â€‹men produced some mind-blowing surfing. So I hear you ask, “What were the 3 most popular fin templates used during the event?" It’s no surprise the FCS II MF, Carver and AM templates were the most popular fins used by the WSL competitors at the J-Bay open this year. 

Riding the FCS II Mick Fanning 'MF' Signature Fin
• Mick Fanning
• Julian Wilson
• Filipe Toledo
• Owen Wright
• Dusty Payne
• Jadson Andre
• Alejo Moniz
Riding the FCS II Al Merrick 'AM' Shapers Fin
• Wiggolly Dantas
• Ricardo Christie
• Italo Ferreira
• Freddy Patacchia
Riding the FCS II Carver Fin
• Adriano De Souza
• Kai Otton
• Keanu Asing

What do all these templates all have in common?

They all feature a high degree of sweep, meaning the fins are ‘leaning back’. All three templates are designed to deliver a feeling of control, and are ideally suited to down-the-line point waves, and performing long carving turns with power and control.

To date 25 WCT victories and 5 WSL World Titles have been won by surfers riding the FCS II system and fins.
FCS II MF Signature Fin
FCS II Carver Fin