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Jeremy Flores Wins In Tahiti Riding FCS II

by Chris D | Aug 26, 2015
Jeremy Flores has returned to the winner’s circle at the Billabong Pro, Tahiti, taking down fellow FCS team member Gabriel Medina with a near perfect ride in the final. FCS II also featured heavily during the final day of competition with ​7 of the last 8 surfers riding the system. 

Notable mention should also go to CJ Hobgood who scored a perfect 10, won the prestigious Andy Irons Award, and reached the semifinals at his last ever Billabong Pro Tahiti event. In his swansong year the popular goofy footer showed he is still one of the best at Teahupoo.

What did they ride?

Winner Jeremy Flores switched from his signature FCS II JF Medium template early in the event, to the popular FCS II MF Medium fin, which has a high degree of sweep and provides more control in the barrel. 

“I’m still finding my JF Medium fin works incredible well in smaller waves and when I want surf a little more radically, but in more powerful waves and when I need more control on the face and in the barrel I like the MF Medium, it worked perfectly here in Tahiti” - Jeremy Flores

FCS Jeremy Flores Fin 

Runner-up Gabriel Medina used the FCS II Performer PCC Large throughout the event for its reliability. This versatile fin offers a blend of speed, flow and response, and is suited to a wide range of conditions. 

Equal third finisher CJ Hobgood switched from his signature FCS II GOODS Medium ​fin and opted for the FCS II Accelerator PCC Medium that has slightly more area, and is designed for a more aggressive approach in critical waves. The other semifinalist Owen Wright put in solid performance riding the FCS II MF Large.

FCS CJ Hobgood Fin 


27 WSL World Championship Tour events, and 6 WSL World Titles, have now been won by surfers riding the FCS II system and fins. 


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