Medina Wins France Riding FCS II Athlete Fin

by Chris D | Oct 20, 2015
Gabriel Medina has returned to the winner’s podium with a convincing win at the Quiksilver Pro in France. Medina defeated an in-form Bede Durbidge riding his signature FCS II GM Large template and his new FCS GM Traction pad.

Event Location

Competitors were faced with waves ranging from 2 – 10 feet at Hossegor, which is regarded as one of the world’s premier beach break locations. From heaving barrels to perfect high performance waves, the event dished up a variety of conditions testing the versatility of the WSL men and women.

What did Gabriel ride?

Gabriel rode his signature FCS II GM Large throughout the event. This versatile fin, which is based on the FCS II Performer, has a customised carbon flex sitting between PC and PCC, and offers a combination of speed, flow and response, and is suited to a wide range of conditions. 

In this event Medina was riding the FCS II Orange Tang plug. The new FCS II coloured plugs add a splash of colour to any new board, and are now being used by most of the WSL tour surfers. 

The FCS 6’ Competition leash is widely used by professional surfers due to its thinner cord and low drag properties. On the bigger days Gabriel opted for the FCS 6’ Regular leash, which has a thicker chord and wider cuff. All FCS Essential Series leashes feature a double swivel and deluxe high-density neoprene ankle strap with soft lycra edging.

Now available in the southern hemisphere, Gabriel’s new signature single-piece FCS GM Traction pad features all new softer EVA materials, perforations for added sensitivity, diamond 3 groove, and sanded surfaces for added grip. (Available northern hemisphere March 2016)

”I’m stoked to get another win. I feel like my surfing is back on track, and my equipment plays an important role in staying confident. My signature fin felt perfect for this event because Hossegor has more power than most beach breaks, and the conditions are always changing” - Gabriel Medina

32 WSL World Championship Tour events, and 5 WSL World Titles, have now been won by surfers riding the FCS II system and fins. 

Medina FCS Signature Fin