FCS Athlete Series Traction - Gabriel Medina

by Chris D | Apr 19, 2016

Designed and tested in collaboration with the world’s best surfers, the FCS Athlete Series Traction range has rider specific features for the ultimate in performance. Spearheaded by Julian Wilson, Gabriel Medina and Sally Fitzgibbons, this exciting new range of pads sets a new benchmark for comfort and functionality.

Gabriel’s single piece pad is slightly thicker compared to other FCS pads, it also has a tighter groove, yet the EVA is still relatively soft for added comfort under foot. These features are designed to efficiently absorb impact for smooth air and tail release transitions. The curved sides will also compliment most tail designs.

The Medina pad is great for surfers who like the feel of having a thicker, softer single piece pad under their feet, and an aggressive groove to lock your foot into place.

 - 1 Piece
 - Diamond Three Groove
 - Coffin Arch Bar
 - High Kick
 - Sanded surfaces for enhanced grip
 - Perforated for extra resistance
 - Chamfered kick edges to minimise water resistance.

"I'm stoked on my new pad. It's softer, has more resistance, and you can really feel the benefit of the sanded surface, i love it" - Gabriel Medina

View Gabriel Medina Athlete Traction
View Gabriel Medina Signature Fin

 Medina FCS Signature Fin