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Flores Expands Hardware Deal With FCS

by Chris D | May 02, 2016
Longstanding FCS team rider Jeremy Flores has expanded his hardware deal with FCS to include the full range of fins and accessories. For many years Jeremy has been on a fin only sponsorship deal, however after testing multiple FCS product categories at the end of 2015, he confidently signed on as a 100% Hardware athlete at the start of 2016.

The expansion of Jeremy’s deal supports a strategy implemented some years ago by FCS to move all their Global Team riders onto endorsement deals for multiple hardware categories. The strategy also aligns athletes to different regions around the world, targeting Australia, the USA, Europe and South America.

Under the new 3-year deal Jeremy will continue to endorse his signature fin and the FCS II system, as well as FCS Traction, Leashes, Covers and other assorted accessories. Furthermore, development is already underway on a new FCS Flores Traction Pad, which will sit in the Athlete Series range.

“I’m super stoked to be on the full range of hardware now. I’ve been with FCS for a long time, and having that high level of confidence in your equipment translates to better surfing. I’m really excited to release a new signature pad too”. Said Jeremy after signing the new contract.

Jeremy solidifies his position on what can only be described as one of the most revered surf teams in the industry which includes 100% FCS Hardware athletes Gabriel Medina, Julian Wilson, Filipe Toledo, Sally Fitzgibbons, Ryan Hipwood and Harley Ingleby. Together with Mick Fanning and Kolohe Andino who currently represent selected hardware categories.

View the FCS J​F Athlete Fin

FCS JF Athlete Range


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    Filipe Toledo

    Filipe Toledo

    Name: Filipe Toledo
    Date of Birth: 4.16.95
    Born: Ubatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Lives: California