Medina Claims The Fiji Pro Riding FCS II Performer Template

by Chris D | Jun 16, 2016
Cloudbreak in Fiji again provided the perfect canvas for incredible tube rides and high scores at the 2016 WSL Fiji Pro. In perfect 6 to 10 f​oot waves, two men were left to faceoff in the final heat of the event; 100% FCS Hardware athlete Gabriel Medina, and Gorilla Hardware rider Matty Wilko.

In the final it was Medina who successfully navigated around a shifting line-up to find a few gems and take the win from Wilko who maintains his current position at the top of the WSL Jeep leader board.

And while these two surfers are miles apart in personality and hair styles, the one common denominator they shared at the Fiji Pro was their choice of fin template; the FCS II Performer.

Take a closer look at what they rode…



Gabriel switched between his signature FCS II GM Large and the Performer Large PCC during the event. In the smaller conditions Gab’s opted for the GM Large with its customised carbon flex sitting between PC and PCC. Then in the bigger waves he clicked-in the stiffer Performer Large PCC for added drive and acceleration.

Medina FCS II Performer


Gabriel’s signature single piece FCS GM Traction pad is slightly thicker compared to other FCS pads, it also has a tight and aggressive groove, yet the EVA is still relatively soft for added comfort under foot.

Medina Athlete Traction


The FCS 7’ Regular Leash in Taxi Cab Yellow has a wider cuff and is typically used for bigger waves, while still maintaining relatively low drag properties compared to the thicker chord on the Big Wave leashes. All FCS leashes have dual swivels and deluxe padded cuffs.



Wilko was surfing the new Gorilla Core Series fins in Large, which are spec’d from the ever-reliable FCS II Performer template, and feature traditional resin tints meaning each fin has its own unique appearance. These fins ​feature the FCS IFT (Inside Foil Technology) on the side fins, and deliver a balance of speed, flow and response in all conditions.

Gorilla FCS II Fins


Both surfers were riding the coloured FCS II plugs that come in Blue Reef, Orange Tang, and Acid Yellow. These FCS II coloured plugs add a splash of colour to any board, and are used by most of the WSL tour surfers.

Medina Wilko Fiji Pro

FCS Fact

41 WSL World Championship Tour events, and 8 WSL World Titles, have now been won by surfers riding the FCS II system and fins.