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FCS II - Darren Handley 'DHD' Shaper Fin

by Chris D | Jun 19, 2016
Designed in collaboration with shaper Darren Handley, the FCS II DHD Medium and Large is classified as an All-Round Step-Up template.


Darren Handley designed this fin so it is versatile enough to use every day on most of the board models in the DHD range. The fin is essentially geared for controlled tight pocket turns, but it will also perform driving cutbacks on the open face. The tip is tapered slightly which also promotes nice tail release when pushed a little harder through a turn.


Dual surface side fins; the inside face of the side fins are high gloss helping the water to slide off the fin faster, while the foiled outside face has a sanded finish creating grip as the water runs over the foil. Essentially this helps to drive off the bottom faster and bite through a turn.

Machine cut from layered fiberglass, Performance Glass (PG) fins have a rigid, highly responsive flex pattern that's generally isolated towards the tip of the fin. This construction is widely used by advanced and pro level surfers because the integrity of the flex is maintained under immense force, and in the most extreme of conditions and situations.


Available in Tri and Tri-Quad options in both Medium and Large sizes, the all new DHD template has a very neutral outline and sweep angle. Sitting at the higher end in each size category, this fin has a little extra area in the base providing great drive, while the elongated narrow tip offers a nice balance of hold off the bottom versus release off the top. A bevel on the leading edge, combined with a flat inside face on the side fins allows for smooth, yet fast directional changes at high speeds.  

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    Jeremy Flores

    Jeremy Flores

    Name: Jeremy Flores
    Date of Birth: April 27, 1988
    Born: Reunion Island
    Lives: New Caledonia and Capbreton
    Sponsors: Quiksilver wetsuits clothing and surfboards, Orange mobile, Moskova underwear and FCS Fins.