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Kody Kerbox -Training, Fins & Dad

by Chris D | Aug 25, 2013

We caught up with FCS Team Rider Kody Kerbox, after his win at the The Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge (CGPC).

Congratulations on your first place overall at the Gorge Paddle Challenge!  

I had a ton of fun at the Colombia Gorge Paddle Challenge this past weekend! I ended up taking the win in the downwinder on the first day. The second day was pretty tough but I held on for a 2nd in the course race and took the overall title for the event! I am super stoked as this has been a racing career highlight for me!

In the race you were followed closely by Slater Trout you're FCS teammate, seems like the young guys from Maui are really pushing each other?

Thanks! It was a lot of fun up there!

Ya luckily for me, most of my closest friends on Maui happen to be the best in the world. Training with the likes of Connor Baxter, Kai Lenny, Slater Trout and Zane Schweitzer always keeps you motivated and pushing as hard as you can. They have always inspired me and if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be where I am today. So thanks guys!

kody kerbox FCS SUP win 

What is your favorite type of training to do?

Downwinders for sure! They are the most fun... but the training I feel I get the most out of, is flat water training at Kahului Harbor. 

Your dad is a well known waterman what was it like growing up as a second-generation water man on Maui?

It was awesome! I was lucky enough to grow up around the ocean and some of the best watermen in the world. Having access to a Jet Ski and the best Tow partner in the World (aka Dad) gave me hours of wave experience that would have taken years to get paddling. Those tow sessions at Outer Sprecks were some of the funnest times of my life! 

What's the craziest thing you ever did with your daredevil dad?

He's taken me on so many crazy adventures it's hard to remember them all! From jet ski explorations, to skating down Haleakala. I think he saves the craziest for himself though... Haha

Describe a perfect day for you

Short boarding, Stand-Up Surfing, and Tow-Surfing a solid Winter swell on Maui's North Shore. I am dreaming of that now! 

What's currently your favorite board, paddle and fin set up for racing and what is it for surfing?

Board: Naish Javelin 12'6 LE
Paddle: Naish Kaholo Race LE 8.5
Fins: FCS Slater Trout 8.5

Board: Naish Hokua 7'6
Paddle: Naish Makani Anti-Twist Vario 8.0
Fins: FCS MF-2 Tri Set



    Danny Ching

    Danny Ching

    Name: Danny Ching
    Date of Birth: 14-05-1983
    Born: Redondo Beach, CA
    Lives: Hermosa Beach, California
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